Love Your Liver

The liver is an amazing organ. It’s the only organ in the body that can repair itself by creating new tissue.

If you take care of it, and make some changes to the way you live, eat and drink, you can prevent or reverse much liver damage and avoid serious complications in future.

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Liver diseases now affect up to 1 in 3 Australian adults.

Liver Cancer is the fastest increasing cancer in Australia, with patient outcomes at appallingly low levels of just 49% survival past one year, and 22% survival past 5 years.  Metabolic-associated fatty liver disease is fast becoming the main reason for liver transplant in Australian adults. Genetic liver disease still impact infants and children.

There is much we can do, and a lot of reasons to be hopeful. The liver is an amazing organ that responds well.  It is the only organ that can repair itself when given the chance.

The Liver Foundation is Australia’s peak national body focused on improving outcomes for all people living with liver disease – whatever their age or background.

The Liver Foundation is funded almost entirely by the generosity of our community. Through information, support, research and advocacy, we will minimise the impact of liver disease and keep loved ones together.

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