Easy recipes that your liver will love!

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When people are diagnosed with liver disease, they nearly always want to know what they should eat to help their liver.

If you have fatty liver disease, it’s not just about your liver. There is also a higher risk of heart disease and cancer.

Here are some easy to follow, cheap recipes that can help in all these areas. They are based on current scientific evidence and recommendations.

About the authors


My name is Graeme MacDonald and I’m a retired liver specialist. I used to work at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane but now I’m working on my veggie patch. As a doctor I ran a specialist service for people with fatty liver disease and was part of a research team that studied how to use diet and physical activity to help liver disease.

My passion in life is cooking and now that I am retired I want to try to combine my interest in food and health.


My name is Catherine Properzi and I’m a dietitian and lecturer in nutrition and dietetics at Edith Cowan University, WA. I’m also a fitness instructor in my spare time. Over the past few years I’ve been researching Mediterranean-style diets to help in the treatment of fatty liver. I also work with some gastroenterologists and see patients privately in Perth where I live.

I love cooking and eating good food and I also love the way food brings us together. My passion is helping people to eat in a way that supports their health but also these other roles of food.

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