Liver specialists meet in WA

Liver specialists meet

The Annual West Coast Liver Meeting is a unique multidisciplinary meeting that happens annually on the West Coast of Australia.

The meeting brings together international hepatologists, liver transplant surgeons, radiologists, immunologists, histopathologists and surgeons and physicians from various other disciplines.

Our keynote speakers are internationally renowned in their area of work and come to the meeting to share their latest knowledge and research findings.

The 2023 Meeting took place in May, with consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist Associate Professor Avik Majumdar and paediatric gastroenterologist Dr Helen Evans as keynote speakers.

The meeting generated significant and lively discussion on emerging treatments and research, including the role of the GP in liver cancer, rural and remote liver care, transplantation, MAFLD, and the effects of the COVID pandemic on liver care.

The 2024 Liver Foundation WA Liver Meeting will be held on Friday May 17 and Saturday May 18 in Margaret River, WA. Please register your interest if you would like updates about the meeting.

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