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There is such a difference between my wife’s experience of support as she went through breast cancer treatment and my experience with liver cancer.

Michael is a gentleman, polite and kind. He is currently going through treatment for liver cancer.  He shared why he was is passionate about helping to create a Helpline staffed by an expert liver nurse.

My dear wife was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2009 after a second mammogram scan. Although cleared to leave the clinic after the first my wife was uncomfortable with the result and requested a second mammogram.

This screening showed up a breast lump that was then biopsied. My wife was admitted to hospital for an immediate mastectomy. First one then the second breast.

To say it was an ordeal is the classic understatement. Devastating. No evidence of breast cancer in the family compounded the shock.

We were fortunate to discover a nurse my wife had trained and worked with years before.  This nurse worked in a Support Service and was able to provide comfort and support while my wife when through chemotherapy and further surgery. Very valuable information was provided instantly and access to a support group was provided which went a long way in the healing process. A long and sometimes lonely road.

We are forever grateful for the support nurse at that stage of lives. We are still here today, some 14 years later.

Having an experienced, compassionate person to talk to and help us navigate our experience can be life changing. This support for my wife and me at such a difficult time made all the difference for us.

Our best wishes to you and the Liver Foundation in raising the funds to support a Helpline to assist people like us. It would make a huge difference to both of us to have this support as we navigate my liver cancer treatment.

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