Give In Memory

Create a legacy. Donate in memory of a loved one

When you make a donation in memory of a loved one, you are honouring them in a special way. At the same time, you’re helping to create a better future for all those affected by liver disease.

Keep a loved one’s memory alive

You can make an In Memory donation to the Liver Foundation here or contact us to create a tribute page online for others to show their love and support.

Another way to encourage donations from friends and family is to give in celebration of a special event in your or your loved one’s life. It’s a powerful way to keep their memory alive and continue to make a difference in their name.

We appreciate that planning a funeral is a difficult experience and things need to be done quickly. Rest assured our team are understanding and will make sure everything is set up exactly how you want it with the minimum of fuss.

Contact our team today on 1300 454 837 or to find out more about how to donate in memory.

Give friends and family the opportunity to show their support and continue your loved one’s legacy

Another way to donate in memory is with an online tribute page. We can create a personalised donation page and URL for you to share. You can choose a photo and write a personal message that will appear on the webpage.

Many families ask funeral guests to donate to the Liver Foundation instead of giving flowers. We have a ready-to-print form that you can share.

Contact our team about creating an In Memory page today via email or on 1300 454 837.

Mark a birthday or other special event by donating in celebration

This is a meaningful way to remember a loved one so their memory is not lost, while improving the lives of people affected by liver disease.

Some of the ways people give in celebration include:

  • Birthday celebrations – a donation in lieu of gifts
  • Celebrating the birthday of someone who has passed
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas donations
  • Donating instead of wedding or event favours

For more information about giving in celebration, contact our team today via email or on 1300 454 837.

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