Raise Money Your Way

Take action your way against liver disease

There are lots of ways you can join us in raising funds to create a future without liver disease.

Take action and get involved your way. You have the power to make a real difference. ⠀

Every dollar you raise will help people affected by liver disease today and in the future. Not to mention funding world class research, prevention programs and support services across Australia.

Raise Money Your Way!

You can host a morning tea or BBQ, run a raffle, bake sale, auction or garage sale. Or why not consider holding a trivia night, gala dinner or music or theatre performance?  Create your own challenge or join an organised event like a run, swim or walking challenge.

Give up something you love like alcohol or smoking to raise funds. It’s a great way to improve your health and reduce your risk of liver disease.

Set up a tribute page to give friends and family a chance to show their support and continue your loved one’s legacy.

Ask friends and family to give to the Liver Foundation instead of giving gifts at your next celebration.

If you need help creating your fundraising event please contact our team on 1300 4 LIVER (1300 454 837) or send us an email at hello@liver.org.au.

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Workplace giving

You could partner with us and encourage work colleagues to raise funds with you. It’s a great way for businesses to support the health of their employees and raise funds at the same time.

For more information about workplace giving, contact our team on 1300 4 LIVER (1300 454 837) or send us an email at hello@liver.org.au.

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Start your own fundraiser

Create your own unique fundraising page using Raisely. We can help you create your own fundraising event to help people affected by liver disease.

Every dollar you raise will help fund important research and educate GPs and the community about liver disease. Your donations also help us advocate for increased government funding, screenings, and treatments.

How it works

  1. Register your fundraiser using the easy to use online templates
  2. Set up your goal and ask for support
  3. Raise funds
  4. Once registered our team will contact you to make sure you have everything you need.

If you would like to discuss your idea or get help before creating your fundraiser, contact our team on 1300 4 LIVER (1300 454 837) or send us an email at hello@liver.org.au

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Raise funds and change lives

Your support could change the lives of people like Peter Karamichalis.

Peter contracted hepatitis C in his youth from transfusions for a blood disorder. This caused extensive damage to his liver and eventually resulted in a cancer diagnosis.

Treatment was tough. After having part of his liver removed, Peter also had two harrowing liver transplants – the first liver was rejected but thankfully the second operation was a success.

Peter has recovered well and is now in good health. He does say however that because of the lack of education and awareness around the causes of liver cancer, he finds himself repeating the same line: “It wasn’t because I was an alcoholic.”

Every dollar you raise through community fundraising will go towards research into better treatments for liver diseases like liver cancer. It will also help raise awareness in the community about the different causes of liver disease and ways to reduce the risk of developing liver disease in the future.

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